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Pre-Employment Screening

With more than 1.15 million workers injured on the job in the United States each year (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and the resulting cost to industry upwards of $155 billion, it is no wonder that pre-employment screening of employees has become such an essential part of the hiring processes.

Our specially trained staff at Physical Therapy Specialists, PC in Sioux City offer this service to local companies here in Sioux City, IA. We will test the physical capabilities of perspective employees as well as their ability to safely perform the essential functions of the job they seek.

Pre-Employment Screening is a great way for your company to incorporate risk prevention measures into your hiring process and will ultimately save you time and money.

Our extensive screen process includes the neck and back as well as lower and upper extremities. Other baseline information is also gathered including relevant range of motion, strength and sensation measurements.

Our Pre-Employment Screening program is American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. That is because the most important aspect of the screening derives from the primary elements of the perspective employee’s job and consequently, is a realistic reflection of the physical work requirements rather than a general strength test.

For the Pre-Employment Screening, special emphasis is placed on having the perspective job applicant demonstrate the required tasks using safe body mechanics. In this way, the exercise is also a job safety educational tool.

Call us at 712-234-8760 or email us at physicaltherapys@cableone.net to arrange an appointment for Pre-Employment Screening of potential employees.

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