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Functional Capacity Evaluation

When is it safe for an injured worker to return to his or her post? Should they return to a full day’s work at the start, or come back in a limited capacity?

Employers can get assistance in finding the answers to these questions by having our team of specially trained and licensed physical therapists conduct a Functional Capacity Evaluation on the employee.

Simply put, this is a detailed assessment of a person’s ability to function in their job. It can lead to their return to work in an appropriate fashion, or the closure of a case. It is an essential part of the process for worker’s compensation claims or disability claims.

At Physical Therapy Specialists, PC in Sioux City, IA, we offer two types of Functional Capacity Evaluations:

3.10.1 General Purpose FCE:

This evaluation protocol includes standardized testing and measures which are utilized on all candidates being evaluated. This type of assessment is appropriate whenever a specific duty doesn’t exist, or functional work requirements have yet to be established. The final results from this type of FCE are useful to assess a candidate’s compatibility with specific work or work-related tasks when additional information or options become available for consideration.

3.10.2 Job-Specific FCE:

The evaluation protocol is designed with focus on content validity to determine a worker’s capability to carry out the physical demands of working at a specific and determined job. This kind of Functional Capacity Evaluation can include participation in representative work trials in our therapy clinic or observing the candidate while performing critical work duties at the place of work to determine their capability to safely carry out the essential job duties. It also helps determine whether there should be restrictions of physical activity.

Call us at 712-234-8760 or email physicaltherapys@cableone.net to arrange for Functional Capacity Evaluations.

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