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Ergonomics in the Workplace

Ergonomics is a science, like any other special skill used in your workplace. It is specifically the science of human engineering, ensuring that your workplace conditions and work demands are in sync with the physical capabilities of your staff.

Failure to comprehend the full scope of working ergonomically for you and your staff can lead to hundreds of lost work days due to injuries and reduced productivity overall.

According to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, musculoskeletal injuries resulting from poor workplace ergonomics accounts for 34 percent of all lost work days and illnesses. Add to that 15 percent of all workplace injuries accounted for by carpal tunnel syndrome and an average of 11 percent decreased productivity because of poor ergonomics, and the significance of this science to your business becomes clear.

Our trained staff at Physical Therapy Specialists, PC in Sioux City, IA, will go into your workplace and conduct a Job Site Analysis that provides you with a professional ergonomic risk assessment. We will look at such aspects of work as lengthy periods of repetitive activity awkward work positions, excessive vibration, periods of rest between tasks, repetitive tasks, repetitive heavy lifting and vigorous movement, and uncomfortable environmental workplace conditions and stress.

As Physical Therapists, we are used to treating the injuries that result from poor workplace ergonomics, so we are particularly skilled at detecting these problem areas before they become a huge problem. Common workplace injuries caused by poor ergonomics include tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, neck and back injuries, bursitis, and thoracic outlet syndrome. Back pain remains one of the most common and painful results of poor ergonomics.

Our goal is to help reduce workplace injuries through an ergonomics program adapted to your specific workers in your unique workplace. We will assess how your workspace is arranged, essential movement, light and eyes, and chairs that fit the workers.

Call us at 712-234-8760 or email us at bailey@ptssc.net to arrange an appointment for a Job Site Analysis to ensure your workplace is ergonomic.

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