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Physical Therapist

All of our physical therapist professionals specialize in providing you the most beneficial treatments to not only reduce the recuperation time from your injuries, but also assist you to achieve full recovery as soon as possible.

At Physical Therapy Specialists, all clients are given personal attention during each visit. Our physical therapist's will evaluate the source of your pain or the reason behind a recurring injury. They perform a complete structural assessment of your strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, muscle performance and motor function. The physical therapist will also analyze the posture, body mechanics, movement and gait. When necessary they perform palpation of muscle spasms as well as joint mobilization.

Following this comprehensive evaluation, the physical therapist will discuss with you your goals from treatment. Then with this in mind, our therapist will custom design a treatment plan with the goal of maximizing your progress. Our first priority is to alleviate your pain and treat the movement disorder that has resulted in injury.

Your plan for treatment will in most cases include soft tissue and joint mobilization, manual movement re-education methods, physical exercise, and possible utilization of modalities, which can include electric stimulation, ultrasound and mechanical traction. As the physical condition of your injury gets better, your physical therapist will educate you on what you can do to procede with your treatment at home. The physical therapist will also instruct you on a beneficial home exercise program, as well as how to prevent re-occurrence of the injury in the future. This way, we will be able to optimize your progress, reduce the quantity of trips to our clinic. At Physical Therapy Specialists, the goal of our physical therapist's is not only to provide the best treatment possible, but to also save you time and money. We are the Physical Therapy Specialists!

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