Want Some Help?

In the City of Sioux City, Physical Therapy Specialists is here to help. We provide a warm customer experience along with therapy treatments which are personally designed to take care of your needs. We also specialize in Vestibular Rehab, TMJ, Trigger Point Therapyt, Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), Pre-Employment screening.

Our Physical Therapists Are:
Timothy M. Saulsbury, MSPT, DPT
Kevin G. Poss, MPT, DPT
Kate Vlach, MSPT
Megan Snoozy, DPT, COMT

Mike Bargstadt, DPT, ATC, WCS

Jeanne Jones, PT
 Jodi Stevenson, PTA
Patty Considine, PTA
John Hildman, PTA
Corrina Steckelberg, PTA

We are specialists in:

Orthopedic injuries

Sprains, strains, and pain
Post op recovery
Work injuries
Custom orthotics
Vestibular Rehab

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Work and job analysis
Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
Pre-Employment Screening

We believe that when you feel better you will live better
and we want you to live life to the fullest.

Why is physical therapy a good choice?

More than half of all Americans are suffering from pain. Whether it is a recent episode or chronic, an ABC News/Stanford study revealed that pain in America is a serious problem. However, many do not even know that physical therapists are well equipped to not only treat pain but also it's source.

Whether recovering from an injury, surgery, have pain or just can't be as active as you want, Physical Therapy Specialists can help. The right PT can often be the difference in your ultimate success. Physical Therapy Specialists is the preferred provider for many health care specialists because we get the results they want. We are able to do this because of our years of experience, commitment to excellent outcomes through training, and one on one care. We will push you to reach your goals and give the support needed to make it happen.

Physical Therapy Specialists is a premier location for physical therapy in Sioux City. We are dedicated to giving you individualized treatment programs and one-on-one care. From chronic pain conditions to post operative care, we are trained to help you win back your active lifestyle. We will accurately identify your specific injury and design a systematic treatment program just for you. We provide a fun and supportive atmosphere to help you work towards your health goals. We also specialize in providing you the time and attention from our highly trained therapy professionals that will assure you get back to a normal active lifestyle.

Our goal is to help every patient return to a healthy active lifestyle, as quickly as possible.

PTS wants to be your physical therapist. We do this by getting to know our patients
and treating them like family. We don't just treat symptoms - we solve the root cause
and set up home exercise programs to prevent the return of symptoms.